Waterview is another java web application framework with a portal-system-like design. The goal of waterview project is to simply the development process of a web based java application. On top of an Apache Avalon compliant IOC architecture, waterview solves the common problems that a web application generally faces. For example, page composition, form validation, table/tree display, internationalization and page flow contorl. Therefore before a system is built based on waterview, 80% work is already done by the framework and developers will be free to focus on business logic only.

The page composition in waterview is very flexible. It's very likely that waterview can be evolved to be a portal but now it's targeted as a web framework instead of an applicaton. Cyclopsgroup tornado project is a portal application based on waterview.

Waterview is under active development now. Any suggestion is welcom. Please feel free to shoot me email to share your idea.

Why should I be interested

Easy to use. Waterview doesn't require the developers to know much to work with it. For example, only two java packages are exposed for normal usage. Stuff like form, table and portal are all invisible to developer.Please look at "Get Started" section to find out how to use it.

Simple design. The design of waterview is unique, clean, smart and simple.

Excellent people. People in Cyclopsgroup foundation are all academic maniac. Many of them are PH.D. from U.S and China. You may find many interesting ideas and phylosophies here.

More Documentation

Many thanks to the support from atlassian , who offers great knowledge sharing tool, confluence to open source developers. More documentation can be found in waterview knownledge base .